Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket

Oriemac 5ton LW500KN Wheel loader tires for wheel loaderFeatures -- ORIEMAC Wheel Loader LW500KN                        •K series loader is the latest wheel loader of high efficiency with more than 10 years\' experience. •The performance,

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Oriemac 5ton LW500KN Wheel loader tires for wheel loader

Features -- ORIEMAC Wheel Loader LW500KN                        

•K series loader is the latest wheel loader of high efficiency with more than 10 years' experience. 
•The performance, efficiency, structural strength, service life, daily maintenance and operation condition are upgraded all round.
 With the two breakthroughs of driving medium and covering part, the machine is ahead of other product of the same kind essentially.
•All series products adopt large vehicle body and super strong structure, especially for the heavy load work condition. 
•LW500K features the super large operation weight, long machine body, and strong strength and high efficiency, leading in the industry.
Excellent performance
Large strength: the strong bucket breakout force of 17 ton and strong traction of 16.5 ton ensure that the machine could adapt to various tough condition.  
Reliable operation: with the long wheelbase of 3300mm and long machine body of 8185mm, the machine is ahead in the industry in terms of the operation reliability. 
High dumping: the dumping height of the long boom reaches more than 3.7m, leading in the industry. 
High efficiency
Fast operation: the total time of three devices is only 11s, and the speed is 15km/hour during the operation. 
Flexible steering: pilot flow amplification steering, flexible and efficient. 
Sufficient power: dual-pump combination, using the power efficiently.
Strong structure
Heavy load design, the front and rear frame adopt girder structure, robot welding, high antitorque coefficient and strong overloading ability. 
The key structural parts adopt the finite-element analysis to ensure that the machine could adapt to various kinds of dangerous working condition.
Large distance between up and down articulated plate expands the maintenance space and resolves the load horizontally and vertically. 
With the overlong machine body and reasonable load distribution, the machine adapts to heavy load.  
Long service life
•Key articulated positions are of two-stage dustproof, featuring small abrasion and long service life. 
•Durable blade and bucket teeth feature longer service life. 
•The hydraulic pipeline adopts DIN standard, two-level sealing of 24° cone and O ring, settling the common issue of leakage.
•The easily worn pipeline is equipped with the protection bush, prolonging the service life. 
Reliable drive
The adopted engine of famous brand departure strong power, large torque conservation, energy saving and high efficiency. 
The machine adopts the latest planetary transmission with ORIEMAC multiple unique technologies, featuring high reliability and strong adaptation to heavy load. 
The reinforced drive axle. The drive axle flange adopts DIN and SAE standard to enlarge the bolt circle diameter. The adopted self-locking nut for connection and fixing, providing more reliable drive. 
The drive axle of the large speed ratio delivers the efficiency, leading top in adaptation to the heavy load. 
Comfortable drive
•The luxurious cab features large space and wide visibility.
•Elegant adjustable instrument panel and comfortable operation.
Gas manual brake and electric flameout. The easy operation saves the labor. 
Electronic control planetary box, air conditioner, radio with MP3 function and speaker could be equipped. The operation is faster, easier and more comfortable. 
Convenient maintenance 
•The engine hood adopts the large side door of sliding upward, featureing large opening angle, and more convenient for access.
 Optimized brake caliper structure, more convenient for the maintenance.
•The design of centered oil and water drainage and partial integrated lubrication provide convenience for your operation.
•The independent chamber design of return oil circuit of the hydraulic oil tank guarantees the convenience of the service and maintenance. 
Safe operation
The machine is equipped with power cutoff selection brake mode, decreasing the abrasion. The machine operates safer on the slope. 
With the low-pressure protection device, the machine can not run in low-pressure to guarantee the safety. 
The operating floor takes the measure of punching antiskid. The all-round handrails ensure the safe operation. 
With the antiskidding groove, the ladder step features wide ladder face, guaranteeing the safety operation, and easily getting on and off. 
Two breakthroughs in the industry: 
•Inner breakthrough: multiple great improvements in the common weakness of the transmission, revolutionary breakthrough; the service life of key positions is greatly improved, leaking in the products of the same kind. 
•External breakthrough: start the vehicle manufacturing technology first in China, and adopt the all-metal mould pressing covering part, keep the color of the new vehicle through the electrophoretic coating. Luxury decoration in the cab provides comfort for the operation.


Parameter -- ORIEMAC Wheel Loader LW500KN                      


Rated operating load5000kg
Bucket capacity2.5~4.5
Machine weight16900kg
Dump clearance at maximum lift3150~3560mm
Reach at maximum lift1100~1190mm
Wheel base2960mm
Height of hinge at maximum lift height4112mm
Working height(fully lifted)5510mm
Max.breakout force170kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise6s
Total hydraulic cycle time10.5s
Min. turning radius over tyres5950mm
Articulation angle35°
Tyre size23.5-25-16PR 
Overall machine dimension L×W×H7910×3016×3515 
Rated Power162Kw
Fuel Tank250L
Hydraulic Tank210L
Travel speedi-gear(F/R)13/18km/h
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Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket
Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket
Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket
Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket
Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket
Oriemac 5 Ton Loader Lw500kn Wheel Loader Bucket


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